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Meet7 helps to tackle FODA | Best Dating Websites India

16 October, 2021

One of the best dating websites in India that is helping the youth to tackle FODA (Fear of Dating Again) through its video speed dating feature is Meet7

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Meet7 gives Bangaloreans their perfect meet cute | Speed Dating Events in Bangalore

07 October, 2021

Meet7’s speed dating events in Bangalore come with a dash of slow dating which will make your inner old-school romantic side melt into a puddle.

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Have the best speed dating experience with Meet7 | Speed Dating Events In Pune

24 September, 2021

Speed dating events have a huge fan base in Pune, which has a large youth population. Popularly known as ‘The Oxford of the East’, Pune sees a huge influx of students who come from across India and abroad to study or work here. With a relaxed lifestyle & great nightlife, Pune is a romantic’s dream city.

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Virtual Love Charades, that's what Online Dating in Delhi is like

22 September, 2021

Considering a city as vibrant and fast-paced as the heart of the country, the connection of two souls on the contrary, is still an age long process here. Bridging this gap, one would think, is easier relatively in modern times given the highly advanced technological resources at our disposal.

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Experience how 'Love Finds You' with Online Dating in Mumbai

14 September, 2021

Think Mumbai and probably one of the first images that comes to your mind is of a city romance in the city rains, isn't it? It's a cult classic wish of every die hard romantic. There's just something in the air of this city that makes you wish, how much better life would be to have someone by your side and share those precious little moments with. Contrary to popular opinion, we won't call finding love in this enormous city a challenge.

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Meet7 is one of the most unique Free Dating Sites in India

01 September, 2021

What does the idea of online dating entail for you? Convenience, suitability, safety or is it more about its race 'for the best' with real-life dating? Well, your ideas may vary but the aim of this free online dating site is fixated on providing you nothing but the best of the bachelor universe. Yes, it's Meet7. This virtual hub for speed dating has not only been declared the safest virtual free dating site but its popularity among millennials is spreading like a wildfire too.

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Welcome to the new-era Dating Site for Indian Singles

23 August, 2021

5 ways in which Meet7 has made online dating better. Singles in India are resorting to online dating apps more than ever to find love since the pandemic began. The swiping culture is no doubt convenient but it often leads to anxiety and inauthentic connections that we are better off without. That is where Meet7 comes into the picture.

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Looking For A Partner In The New Normal? | Speed Dating Events in Mumbai

14 August, 2021

Searching for a partner has never been this easy. It’s difficult to imagine the dating scene before apps specially curated for connecting two individuals existed. Accidentally running into your future life partner at the coffee shop, in office or while attending cultural events only happened in movies. The more we matured, we became privy to the fact that waiting for love to find us wasn’t the best approach. Which is exactly why the advent of dating apps was revolutionary.

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Safest dating site for women to find ‘The one’

12 August, 2021

In a world of casual dating sites, there are hardly any safe ones for women. Most encounters on dating sites generally culminate in stalking on social media, fear of harassment & an illusion of abundance, resulting in the worst dating experience for women. Women's safety in the dating scenario has always been the most concerning issue. To find a compatible partner online is a different game altogether. Well, luckily, we have sites like Meet7, which offer a unique solution to dating concerns of single women online in India & can be considered as one of the safest dating sites for women to find ‘The One’.

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Digital News Links

15 June 2021

Meet7 has announced the safest platform for dating amidst a pandemic. The pandemic has resulted in mass social isolation and this has affected the dating industry deeply. Youngsters are not interested in face to face meetups and the definition of socializing has changed with the “new normal”.

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Here are dating trends from 2020 that we need to leave in 2020

07 December 2020

Are you tired of things not working out? Have you been swiping right and left more than the janitor from your middle school? Are you tired of not getting proper replies from people on dating apps? Have you ever caught a man trying to catfish as a woman online?

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Signs they are interested in the second date

07 December 2020

You know what this says when the time is right, things are right, but what if you don't want to wait for you to know the same? Especially on a date, how to know whether there is going to be 2nd date or not? Here are the top 5 signs:

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Start with Loving Yourself

07 December 2020

"I'm tired of texting, can we meet?"
My phone blinked and showed this message, a part of me started panting. Why am I being anxious, isn't dating a regular part of people's routine these days? I asked myself as I decided to pour myself another glass of wine before responding with a simple - "YES."

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Virtual Dating meets Speed Dating; How Meet7 is the best Cocktail of the 2020s

07 December 2020 "I'm tired of texting, can we meet?"

We don't need a global pandemic to realize that we are single, and we need someone in our life. But it took a lot of people a global epidemic to realize that they desperately need someone in their life.

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