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Today's consumerist culture has made us believe that quality comes with a hefty price. Many of us choose paid or premium versions of various apps because we are of the notion that when there is a pricing module involved, it automatically translates to a better quality and service. Online daters believe that paid dating apps weed out casual daters and bring to them a sophisticated bunch of singles. While there is no doubt there is some truth in this belief, it is a misconception that free dating apps cannot offer quality. Read further to know how Meet7, a free dating site in India will change your dating life for good.

Meet7 ditches the swipe culture and embraces the' video chat first' concept. While there are several free dating apps available in the market, none of them has a more streamlined approach than Meet7. The app vets your matches for you and brings to you a well-curated list of 7 ideal like-minded matches with whom you get to go on individual 7 -minute dates. What happens after the date is up to you. You can decide to meet the person in real life or decide to never see them.

Are you one of those old school people who feels that the chat culture doesn't do true justice to showcasing your awesome personality? If yes, then Meet7 makes it easy for you to flaunt your personality with its video chatting feature. Gazing into your date's eyes is indeed so underrated. With Meet7, you not only get to make good eye contact but also get to read the social cues of your date which is not possible through a message thread.

If lack of time is an excuse that you often catch yourself giving people for not dating then Meet7 is the perfect app for you. You no more have to worry about setting time aside for a lunch or dinner date, traffic or about listening to the endless babbling of your date whom you are not even sure about. Most of our speed dating events take place at 10 pm and the best part is that you get to go on dates while sipping coffee and being cosy under your warm blanket.

For those of you who are sceptical about Meet7 prioritizing safety just because it's a free app, you couldn't be more wrong. The app requires all its users to authenticate their social logins which means that there is no scope for cyber frauds like fake profiles and catfishing. The app also happens to have an unexampled rule of equal participation of both genders during all their speed dating events. Meet7 is gaining popularity amidst the GenZ, millennials, busy professionals and singles in their 30's as it is hassle-free, cheap and efficient.

The bottom line is that free apps give you value for your money. Remember that love doesn't come with a price tag. Download Meet7 today and go on a speed dating spree until you find the love that you've been looking for.