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Are you tired of things not working out? Have you been swiping right and left more than the janitor from your middle school? Are you tired of not getting proper replies from people on dating apps? Have you ever caught a man trying to catfish as a woman online?

Sigh. It looks like you have been having the worst luck when it comes to dating and if despite doing everything right you are not able to get matches, here are Top 5 Dating trends from 2020 that need to end in 2020:-

  • Talking About Yourself
  • When it comes to having an online interaction, people don't understand the difference between 'tell me more about yourself,' and 'just talked about yourself.' We often don't realize that when someone asks us to talk about ourselves after a point, we have to let the other person talk. When we talk too much about ourselves, we start building this Aroma around us where we come out as someone who is so narcissistic that they won't let anyone else talk, which is a Red Flag to a lot of people. When you make interaction work two ways, your chances of getting a second date increase as you have more things to know about each other, so yes, not talking a lot is the new trend.

  • Not Calling People Out
  • One thing we wish should get 'canceled' is the concept around not holding someone accountable. There is a massive difference between being kind to someone and respecting them despite their behavior. And then there is an entirely different story when you are not calling out bad behavior. When you are interacting with someone online and see them having a mildly offensive behavior time and again, let them know or let the platform know. When you stand up to such folks, you build a safer place for other people. Empowered people, empower people.

  • Disappearing in thin chat
  • Anyone ever pulled a Houdini on you? Like after they spent hours talking to you, one day out of nowhere, they just disappear. It's almost like they don't exist anymore and that too without closure. One of the biggest problems with dating apps in today's generation is not giving someone closure, so one trend that we want to see stop existing from this year is unaccounted dumping. Leaving someone like this messes with someone's self-esteem makes people question themselves before questioning the other person and their problems.

  • The Date Alphas
  • One of the few trends that we have seen in recent times is how we often let alphas and settlers be defined in a relationship. Usually, there is one person who makes the conversation work, initiates the plans, makes the restaurant bookings, etc., in fact, they handle the relationship solely on their own. We believe that our relationship is a two-way street, and both parties need to be equally involved in making things work. If you think you are not interested in someone enough to make a conversation work or believe there is not enough mutual interest to be with that person, leave them that can go to someone, they belong.

  • Too Fast, Too Soon
  • We all want a life partner, but what if another person doesn't want the same? Expectation needs to be set right when it comes to dating, and the harsh reality we need to learn is that 'not everyone is looking for something too fast, too soon.' When we start forcing our expectations on other people, we often lose them too intimidating and guilt of not wanting the same. Let 2020 be the end of 'Unrealistic expectations and be more focused on real dating with real people in real-time.'

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