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Looking For A Partner In The New Normal? | Speed Dating Events in Mumbai

Speed dating events in Mumbai are gaining immense popularity because, a swift register & a 7-minute call later, you’ll most likely find “The One”

Searching for a partner has never been this easy. It’s difficult to imagine the dating scene before apps specially curated for connecting two individuals existed. Accidentally running into your future life partner at the coffee shop, in office or while attending cultural events only happened in movies. The more we matured, we became privy to the fact that waiting for love to find us wasn’t the best approach. Which is exactly why the advent of dating apps was revolutionary.

This let us take matters into our own hands. We weren’t waiting for potential partners to find us anymore. However, unwanted challenges had arisen. The increase in users also led to the rise of obsessive stalkers, fake profiles, casual hookups and worst of all...

Most of the conventional dating apps today don’t prioritize women’s safety. Moreover, users searching for potential life partners, the dating app journey is filled plenty other pitfalls like:

  • Dating apps today are full of unverified profiles.
  • “Hookups Only” bios and incompatible matches.
  • Constant ghosting.

None of us like waiting, especially when it concerns matters of the heart.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform tailored towards individuals searching for serious relationships, effortlessly, without all the fuss?

A platform where:

  • You’re introduced to genuine people, not profiles.
  • You decide who gets access to critical information (Your Profile) or who doesn’t.
  • You’re paired with like minded people rather than randomly matched.
  • Most important of all, a platform that’s safe yet fun for women.

If that’s what you’re searching for, your prayers have been answered!

All thanks to the folks at Meet7.

There’s an ever present social disconnect present in most conventional dating apps today. Since the majority of communication is done through chat on these apps there is still relative anonymity and lack of trust for everyone involved. Nothing beats a face to face conversation and that’s exactly what Meets7 offers in abundance.

Meet7 is where speed dating meets the virtual world. Specially curated virtual dating events are organised where you’re bound to connect with like-minded individuals. A 7-minute window keeps all the interactions short & sweet.

Speed dating is a concept fairly new in India yet very prevalent in the west, where you interact with many people one by one in short bursts of time.

Didn’t like the first interaction? There are 6 other participants waiting just for you!

What sets Meet7 apart is the fact that women’s safety is one of its core principles.

Only verified profiles make it to Meet7’s portal. Your profile is private and you have the power to decide with whom to share it. This eliminates any chance of creeps sliding into your DMs. Meet7 understands how sensitive personal information can be for women and hence does its utmost to protect it.

Women get to decide who to block and who to take things forward with straight after the first call.

Meet7 is more focused on building real, long-lasting connections than just a large user base.

This is why the team carefully curates categories for users to select one that best fits their personality. You’re simply not thrown in a general category where you have to sift through hundreds of profiles to search for like-minded people. Here, all the hard work is done already...

As like-minded individuals are waiting for you.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties. You get to dress up, experience the excitement of a real date and before you even start the call, you already know what the other person is passionate about, (so you don’t need to Google funny one-liners or cool ice-breakers) you always have something to spark a chat with! Ensuring the greatest possible start with a potential soulmate.

Speed dating events on Meet7 are organised regularly in Mumbai and stretch across India, so you’re just not chained to people from one city. In the new normal, this is as close as you can come to finding and building serious relationships while keeping personal safety in mind.

The search for a life partner is just 7 minutes away!