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Meet7 helps to tackle FODA | Best Dating Websites India

Pre -pandemic dating was nerve-racking in itself but after COVID the dating culture is all over the place. Singles are apprehensive of putting themselves out there again and our social anxiety has skyrocketed like never before. There is a new word added to the dating slang called FODA which stands for Fear Of Dating Again. Though some people would not be happy with having to get to know someone through screens, video dating is a great way to tackle FODA and ease back into dating. One of the best dating websites in India that is gaining a fan base for its video speed dating feature is Meet7.

People no longer have the same deal breakers that they once had before the pandemic. After being self-isolated for so long and getting a chance to self introspect most people are looking for genuine, lasting romance. In this time of uncertainty, people are switching to video dating to vet their matches and get to know them before they meet them in person. Through their interest-based speed dating events, Meet7 brings to your doorstep like-minded individuals with whom you can find a connection. In their speed dating events, a person gets to go on 7-minute dates with 7 ideal matches. The app is great for introverts and people who have dating anxiety. It is also great for people who are sceptical about going out on in-person dates even though the government has loosed the restrictions of social distancing. Meet7 lets you do a low-key virtual vibe check and sense the social cues which you cannot make out while texting someone on the traditional dating apps.

Meet7 gives people the unique opportunity to sit in their pyjamas and screen hop with strangers, making it less awkward before they meet them face to face. It lets you be deliberate with your dating choices and it helps you sift through the crowd to find ‘the one’. While there are a plethora of speed dating events organized in Mumbai regularly, none of them is as budget-friendly as Meet7. Meet7 events only cost a rupee and the best part is that women get a 500 rupees Myntra voucher on attending any of their events. Furthermore, if you are worried about Meet7 being yet another dating app that isn’t secure you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The app carries out a strict verification of your social logins and also gives you complete control over who can view your profile.

Dating is like a muscle the more you practice the more you become better at it. Instead of fretting about how your social skills have gone for a toss during the pandemic or how dating seems different today in comparison to pre-pandemic dating, just breathe and try to have fun. You can use Meet7 as a litmus test to screen out people and to find someone with whom you can’t wait to go on in-person dates. You are 7 minutes away from meeting your soulmate. Hurry up and download Meet7 today!