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Speed dating events in Bangalore

Meet7 gives Bangaloreans their perfect meet cute | Speed Dating Events in Bangalore

Having your perfect meet-cute while being stuck in Bangalore’s infamous traffic or while you go on a pub crawl with your pals was once a possibility. With perfect year-round weather and many romantic places from lush gardens to picturesque lakes, the electronic city happens to be one of the best cities to date in India. However, the city’s dating scene has dulled post the pandemic. So, how do you make your dating life fun again while the city is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic?

Meet7’s speed dating events in Bangalore is the answer to this dilemma. Unlike the upscale mixers which cost you an arm and a leg, Meet7’s speed dating events only cost a rupee. Yes, you heard it right. Imagine how much you would be saving on food and drinks in comparison to in-person dates.

Meet7 is virtual dating with a dash of slow dating which will make your inner old-school romantic side melt into a puddle. The app believes in a real, lasting connection which oftentimes the swipe culture fails to offer. Once you register for their event, the folks at Meet7 handpick 7 ideal matches for you. On the day of the event, you get to go on 7-minute video speed dates with your 7 matches and see if you feel a spark with anyone. Fret not if you don’t, as you can attend the next event with a new bunch of people and keep on doing so until you find ‘the one'. These speed dating events are based on common interests and have themes like tea enthusiasts, backpackers, photographers and so on.

Meet7 is becoming a new favourite amongst women as it is the safest dating app in India. The professionals at Meet7 conduct a thorough verification of the social logins of all their users. This helps in steering clear of fake profiles, catfishing and other online dating crimes which are rampant today. Furthermore, to encourage more women to attend their events, the app has partnered with Myntra. It has launched campaigns like #WomenFirst, #Meet7ForWomen and #DatingForGirls where women get Myntra vouchers worth Rs. 500/- after attending any of their events. The app also assures you anonymity which means that no one can track you on the app after the event. You have full control over your personal details and get to decide what you wish to share and with whom.

Another impressive way in which Meet7 stands out are their offline events that happen every wednesday at Socials in Koramangala, Bangalore. They have a strict rule about equal participation of men and women in all their events. This means that the women no longer have to worry about getting outnumbered and harassed by men while the men can relax knowing that enough women are attending the events.

Meet7 is perfect for the fast-paced lives of the youth of Bangalore as it introduces a cheaper, more convenient and effective way of dating. So whether you are recently single, single in your 30s or new in town, download Meet7 today to find real love. Go on pre-dates on Meet7 first before you feel comfortable going on a romantic boat ride on the tranquil waters of Ulsoor Lake with your new love.