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5 ways in which Meet7 has made online dating better

Singles in India are resorting to online dating apps more than ever to find love since the pandemic began. The swiping culture is no doubt convenient but it often leads to anxiety and inauthentic connections that we are better off without. That is where Meet7 comes into the picture.

It is the best dating site for Indian singles that allows singles to go on a 7-minute video speed date with 7 ideal matches. It allows you to virtually get to know a person and decide whether you want to invest more time and energy to see where it goes. The best part about Meet7 is that it leaves no room for miscommunication as you can sense a person’s vibe through his or her body language, gestures and even their voice on a video chat. Another major perk of using Meet7 is that no one can find you on the site unless you share your profile with them. 

Still not convinced that Meet7 is not just your regular online dating site? Keep reading to find out 5 amazing ways in which Meet7 has revolutionised the dating scene for good.

It saves you the trouble of research

  • It’s hard to banter with someone if you don’t know what they like and what your shared interests are. 
  • Do you feel guilty for internet stalking your date a night before the date? Meet7 comes to your rescue as it organises interest- based speed dating events.

You’ll be spoilt for choice

  • Many Indian singles complain that there aren’t too many fishes in the sea when it comes to online dating sites. 
  • Meet7 puts an end to this predicament and the skewed gender ratio. It ensures that an equal number of men and women are present in all their dating events. 
  • You can find your perfect match from different cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore etc. 

It helps you widen your social circle

  • It’s challenging today for Indian singles that are new in a city to find someone to date or even make friends with all the social distancing. 
  • Singles that are away from their home are more likely to feel especially in today’s time. 
  • Meet7 helps them make friends in a new city and sometimes even find true love.

You will feel butterflies again

  • Do you miss feeling the butterflies or the entire zoo in your stomach when you go on a first date with someone you find cute? 
  • If you ask daters what they miss the most about in-person dating, a popular reply would be the anticipation of the date more than the date itself. 
  • Meet7 understands what we are all yearning for and their video speed dating is the closest thing to a real date experience that you can enjoy while staying indoors. Right from getting the nervous jitters before the date begins, decking up for your date to stealing glances at each other, Meet 7 gives you everything and more.
  • Meet7 also makes it easy for you to read body language signals of your date which you can’t do on chats.

It improves your dating game

  • After such a long hiatus from in-person dating, a lot of us doubt whether we have still got game. 
  • Meet7 will put your dating anxiety to rest as it allows you to go on a speed date without leaving the comfort of your abode.
  • It lets you learn, practice and master the art of charming and winning people over so that when you step out in the real world, you will feel like a pro.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to join Meet7 and go on virtual speed dates and see if you feel that spark with someone.